Thursday, 30 April 2015

Takeru, Chatswood

I love Takeru in the city. For a change, I thought I would give the Chatswood outlet of Takeru a go. The 71% like rate on urbanspoon for Chatswood v.s the 86% like rate on the City Takeru is probably a fair comparison. The Chatswood was good but not quite as well put together as the city version. I love ordering off the touch screens to the side of each table.

My normal favourite Kaisen Don (half version is $8.20 below) was a nice mesh of fresh sashimi of Tuna, Salmon and Kingfish on a bed of rice but it was not the tasty concoction that I am used to. The ratio of rice, sashimi, wasabi, mayonnaise and soy was not to my usual preference like there is in the city.  It's still a nice dish to order.

The Japanese Fried Chicken (above, $11.20) was crispy and cooked well. I love Karaage chicken with the mayonnaise. You will get about 4-5 decent sized chicken pieces.

My regular favourite dish at Takeru in the city is the Japanese Pizza (below, $10.90) and while it was super tasty, I missed the regular textures and consistency of the pizza in the city.  The Japanese Pizza has chicken, flour dumpling topped with mayonnaise and if you like.. some tabasco to cut through all the cheesy flavours.

Prices: $15-$20 per person

Location: Right near Chatswood Chase, walk inside the arcade at 369 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. 

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