Sunday, 18 November 2018

Dare Delicious and Responsible Cafe, Maroubra

Do you dare eat delicious and responsible food? That's the motto of Dare Cafe in Maroubra. Matt and I head here to Dare Cafe for some brunch on this particular Sunday afternoon.

Dare Cafe is a cosy cafe and if you happen to talk to the owner, she will tell you the philosophy of Dare Cafe. Dare Cafe has an emphasis on fresh seasonal produce, healthy flavours from nature (no artificial flavours), minimal wastage and recycling where possible. It's about creating a delicious menu without compromising on health or impact to the environment.

As it's a warmer day, I order the freshly squeezed juice ($8.5) is made from seasonal fruit. The juice is dependent on what's fresh and available at the fruit market. There's a delicious prominent apple juice taste. Matt orders a Strawberry and Banana Smoothie ($8.50) which is topped with chia seeds. We also sip on water with freshly cut orange pieces.

There's a few salads to choose from but I order the Green Bowl ($16.50) with poached egg and halloumi with sliced greens, veggies, oven roasted sweet potato, raw beetroot, balsamic glaze, organic brown rice, avocado and mustard dressing. This is an incredibly tasty combination! Make sure you take some of that honey mustard sauce while you taste the soft poached egg and halloumi. The roasted eggplant and sweet potato also add delicious and natural flavours to this salad. There's a lot of variety in texture and flavour in this Green Bowl.

Matt and I also share the the Reuben Sandwich ($11.50) which has slow cooked roasted beef, house made pickle relish, swiss cheese, home made red and white sauerkraut and pickled cucumber. I love the taste of pickles which has a tangy taste to contrast with the roasted beef and cheese. This Sandwich is surprisingly filling.

Matt eats most of the Pulled Poached Chicken ($11.50) as I fill out up one half of the first sandwich. The pulled poached chicken sandwich has shredded chicken with avocado, sweet potato, beetroot and balsamic relish. Chicken and avocado is a common combination and with the addition of the sweet potato, it just adds more of a kick of flavour.

If you have any room left, there's lots of treats awaiting. I sample a few treats including the Muesli and peanut butter slice, Raw Ball Squares and the chocolate Brownie. If you are health conscious then you should know that the raw ball square are made of all natural ingredients. Sometimes when you buy the prepackaged raw balls, you'll see unknown artificial ingredients but it's all natural at Dare Cafe in Maroubra.  The peanut butter slice is also made from a natural home made peanut butter which has a nice balance of flavours. If you're naughty then go for the Brownie!

Summary: Overall, It was really refreshing to hear from the owner all the efforts they make to be delicious and responsible. This is great as there's a balance of health, taste and environmental/social responsibility. My favourite dish of the day has to be that green bowl. I loved it!

Price: Dishes range from

Location: $12 to $22

Opening Hours: 

6am to 3pm Daily

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