Sunday, 11 November 2018

Pizzeria Da Alfredo, Glebe

It's Friday night which usually means date night. Tonight we are looking forward to some traditional Napoli flavours at Pizzeria Da Alfredo in Glebe.  I immediately notice the huge pizza oven as I enter and I also notice how good looking the staff are. 

Matt and I are seated at the back where it's starting to get busy. By about 7pm, the entire restaurant is quite full. A little birdie tells me that the Owner and Head Chef Alfredo has a deep connection to his home town Naples and that all the food on the menu is authentic so you won't find any pineapple on pizza here.

To kick off the meal, Matt orders a Menabrea beer ($9) which is an Italian lager, known for its light crisp taste. I order a Limoncello Spritz. I was craving a refreshing a citrus and sparkling drink and this cocktail hit the spot.  It's actually been quite a long week at work and it's nights like these where I really feel like I'm having a weekend food escape. I am looking forward to some carbs! 

Matt starts devouring the crusty bread with olive oil and fresh chilli. The bread is warm, crusty and soaks up the flavours of the olive oil. I sip on my Limoncello Spritz and immerse myself into the atmosphere at Pizzeria Da Alfredo.

For entree, Matt and I share a small platter. Upon request, you can ask the staff to mix some of the entree menu items to share. We share the buffalo mozzarella on a bed of prosciutto and cherry tomatoes, we also have a half serve of the arancini and the zucchini flowers. Matt cuts open the soft mozzarella and wraps the cheese in proscuitto. It's a really nice flavour combination. My favourite part of the entree are the zucchini flowers. The lightly crumbed exterior subtly breaks away to the mildly salty filling of ricotta cheese. The ricotta cheese is not too overwhelming in flavour and lingers on the tongue. 

The light from the window is quickly fading and now we're dining in a dimly lit space. So apologies the photos are not as bright as they could be. Matt turns up the iso on the camera but it also degrades the quality of the photo.

For mains, we order the Paccheri Genovese ($28) which is a rich sauce from Naples made from beef chunks, carrots and onions. It's slow cooked for about 8 hours and is served with pachheri (the large tubes of pasta) and is topped with cheese. The sauce smells amazing and has a depth of flavour from the slow cooking. The large tubes of pachheri are one of my favourites to eat as it has a broader surface so you can fit more pasta into one mouthful. 

In the far distance, I can see a few tables ordering metre long pizzas as they are in big groups. The pizzas look amazing!!!! The big groups look so happy as they chat, eat and drink. Isn't that what life is about? The people around you sharing good company and good food. There's good family and friendship vibes going on. I can also see the staff interacting with the big groups - there's lot of energy in the air.

As Matt and I are just two people, we settle for the normal sized pizza. I order the Diavola ($21) which has a really saucey tomato base with hot salami, black olives and mozzarella cheese - topped with rocket leaves. The pizza bases are cooked Naples style which means they're not thin and crunchy, they're more like a soft bread texture so the sauces can soak in. As I bite into my slice of pizza, I can taste how saucey it tastes because the bread has soaked in all the flavours. The hot salami is not too spicy which is good so it doesn't dominate the pizza. I really enjoy this pizza! 

By this stage, I'm incredibly full and satisfied from all the tasty carbs from the pasta and pizza. To  follow suit Italian style, Matt and I both have some limoncello. It's a chilled, strong, lemonade digestif which will wake you up from the carbs.

For dessert, I highly recommend the tiramisu. Matt and I share this one as I'm quite full. The Tiramisu is incredibly creamy in texture and will leave you wanting more. Matt mostly devours this dessert. It's a nice way to finish the meal.

Summary: Overall, I really enjoyed my Napoli meal at Pizzeria Da Alfredo in Glebe. That atmosphere is really relaxing and friendly. My favourite dish of the night has to be the zucchini flowers and the saucey pizza. I highly recommend!

Price: Most mains $20-30

Location: 331 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

Opening Hours: 

Closed Monday
Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to 10pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own.
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  1. Guys I will definitely be visiting this place now.. their pizza's look mouth watering.
    yay!!! great posting.

  2. These pictures tell a thousand words.The food looks really yummy and mouth watering and there seems to be many 'Napoli' specials to choose from.The writer has taken pains to describe the setting and looks like we can imagine ourselves to be in Napoli whilst enjoying their food.

  3. wow.. this looks so good.. we went down last week upon your recommendation and we were not dissapointed. keep it up..