Sunday, 16 February 2014

Firehouse - North Sydney - UPDATE REPOST

Firehouse has had an uplift.  It looks a lot more amazing these days and they have worked out the issues with the kitchen. Once upon a time; if you arrived with a large group of people and attempted to order lunch then it would take a long time for the food to arrive and the food would be average.

What is the verdict now that they've had plastic surgery?

The food looks a lot more appetising. All the pizzas looked amazing! I had the Moroccan Lamb Salad which was nice but average really. The meat was a bit dry and the cous cous tasted like dry sand. The Schitz was good but the salad looked very basic. 

I'd definitely come back for Pizza and for big group lunches. I'm glad they've picked up their game and the plastic surgery has also had cosmetic improvements.

Prices: Mains lunch 15 to 20. There are dinner specials each night for $10 with a drink purchase. Check out the website

Tandoori Chicken Pizza $17

Moroccan Salad with Cous Cous - A bit dry all round. $16

Chicken Parmigiana $18

Below was my post in August 2013
Lamb Shanks

Steak Pie
North Sydney. It's hard to compete with the city and it's seriously competitive deliciousness but there are a few regular places I head to.

The firehouse is a reliable pub lunch/dinner. Not as fancy as the tree house but still a popular destination for North Sydney workers during lunch hour and it's special $10 dinners (with the purchase of a drink).

My pie looked like a frozen pie from woolworths but once I cut into it - the steak came out and it looked a bit more legitimate! It was a good meal.

I was told the lamb shanks were good but not amazing.  A solid effort fire house.

In terms of a watering hole; it gets really busy from 5pm to about 7pm then quickly fade as people go home or move onto bigger and better things in the city. Lots of suits and office people!

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