Friday, 17 January 2014

The Rose, Chippendale, Sydney

So the Rose Hotel was one of the local watering holes when I was university. Since then, occasionally over the past few years I've caught up with some friends who work at University and so when I was going to have a casual catch up, I thought it was time for another visit.

It's got a mesh of sticky floor icky pub at the front to cool, trendy beer garden at the back and the new additions of the cocktail bar upstairs and the renovated side library-feel on the ground floor.

This particular night I shared the chicken parma and a cheese platter accompanied by some wine.  The parma had a ridiculous amount of cheese on top which was naughty but delicious.  The cheese trio had some triple brie, cheddar and blue vein.  My sharing guest had a particular order of eating cheese but I was slightly tipsy and didn't follow instructions.  I think I'd give the cheese a skip next time unless you are looking to nibble.

Price: About 20 per person + wine

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