Tuesday, 18 February 2014

El Loco, Surry Hills, Sydney

Cactus Table numbers

In true typical Surry Hills fashion, this place is full of hipsters in tacky trendy ambiance. It's got a sticky floor and a sticky table  but the food is amazingly tasty and quick, the cocktails are salty fresh and you should be potentially prepared for a queue.

I've been here quite drunk as well when there is a bit of a dance floor.  It's got a good university young vibe to things. My favourite taco overall was the prawn taco!! I would recommend this for shiz
I think it's sort of tacky but trendy. 
 Now you're waiting for a review on the food. First up is the beef taco below.

The Beef Taco is your base taco.  The Beef Taco is tasty and a nice bite to eat. The meat is marinated well and taste like Bulgogi (Korean). There are nicely cut and clean cucumbers, finely grated cabbage and cheese. A nice snack at $5
Prawn Taco Yum
The prawn taco was my favourite and also $5. If you had a hint of chilli, it was amazing. The prawns were beautifully cooked and matched the pico de gallo (salsa).

My friend and I had to wipe both tables we were sitting at. They were all sticky.
My Beetroot and Lime Margarita
I washed it down with a salty fresh beetroot and lime margarita.  It was something a bit different. This is what I call a down to earth cocktail. It was still delicious and went well with my tacos.

El Loco Hotdog - House made frank, pico de gallo, mustard relish, jalapeƱos, mayo, queso fresca on a soft hotdog bun

My friend got the hot dog.  It was just a frankfurt hot dog with some tasty trimmings.  She asked for the mayo to the side as she's not a fan. She seemed quite content with her choice. A $10 hot dog :)

Chorizo Quesadilla - Chorizo, jalapeƱo and cheese quesadilla with chipotle mayo
I was absolutely enjoying my chorizo quesadilla at $6. When I opened it up, it was mostly two pieces of chorizo, about 3 pieces of jalapenos and cheese. But boy did it swirl up the taste buds and sensations as I dipped this in the chipotle mayo.

I interchanged in between the chicken taco below.
Chicken Taco
I love corn.  I am a fan of the subway onion sauce as well.  The chicken taco has small pieces of chicken with corn and the salsa taste like the subway onion sauce so overall I was a fan.  Ultimately I fell into taco heaven and could have easily consumed a few more margaritas.

I think two small dishes is enough for a girl (like me). You may have to order a few more dishes if you are a man.  I'd definitely come back and will have to check it out at the slip inn (although the dishes are slightly more expensive there)...

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