Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Andy's Sushi, North Sydney

Andy's Sushi is Asian Fusion with Sushi, Pho and Bibimbap all available at very for value prices. I don't think I've ever encountered Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean in one place. When I was broke last month, I was looking for high-value lunches in North Sydney when I got sick of my own home made lunches and I must have come to Andy's numerous times.

You can get 3 sushi rolls for $6 which was great! While they are not the most attractive looking Sushi rolls, they were consistent in taste and for value! I got some variety with beef teriyaki, prawn tempura and salmon avocado rolls. There are some brown rice options as well. 

On another occasion; I ordered the beef pho (vietnamese noodle soup) for $8.  The broth is not as flavoursome as some of the 'truly' Vietnamese eateries but it was still tasty. There were plenty pieces of beef and accompaniments of chili and lemon.  There was a distinct absence of herbs as well.  But it is slightly cheaper than your typical $10-$15 bowls of pho.  I would only come here if you are on a budget and those few dollars make a difference. I would go to Pho Express instead for the proper pho experience.  I'm sure Viet's Pho would also give Andy's Sushi a good run for its money. 

Prices: Cheap and cheerful - $6 for three rolls of sushi, $8 for Pho

Location: 153 Miller St, nearby the MLC building

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