Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cityexperts, A Google Event

City Experts is a great club to be part of. Each month, google reviewers who review over 50 reviews and 5 each month are considered City Experts and are invited to an exclusive event.  The November City Expert event was held at the Bucket List in Bondi.

This event was fantastic with google having a mechanical surf board, a make your own gelato messina stand and make your own dukka stand!  Naturally, there were drinks and delicious food by the Bucket List as well. 

The Bucket List was the perfect venue for the City Expert Event. Good food amongst the very beautiful scenic background. Given the Bucket List were catering for hundreds of people, I was very impressed.

The Sliders were perfection. I quite enjoyed the beef sliders and on their normal menu, you can get 3 for $20 which I think is a bit pricey but consistent with the location. They also had buckets of fish and chips which were also very delicious and are normally $27 which was very pricey for the portions.

What a view though (below); I can just imagine tourists who imagine coming to the stereotypical Australian beach who will not be disappointed with this view at the Bucket List.

Gelato Messina always delivers... I had to share my photo below of Vanilla and Raspberry Gelato, tim tam and brownie (below). Yum!

I love City Expert Events and this one was very well organised. I had a great time!

Please note: I am a City Expert and attended this event.

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