Saturday, 21 November 2015

Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema – Centennial Park, Sydney It’s on again!!

The Moonlight Cinema is on for another year (its 20th year, in fact) and organisers put on a little event to showcase some of the fare that will be available. Oh... some of the movies, too - and there does seem to be quite a few very interesting movies screening.

Along with the cool new movies (and old school favourites) Moonlight Cinemas offers a hot food menu based around LA dishes and I will touch on a few of those below. Be warned that if you choose to fill yourself at the Moonlight Cinema you might end up with a hole in your wallet that wasn’t there to begin with. I check out some of the food as well as some of the trailers for the up coming Moon Light Cinema season. Miss you Already looks interesting!

 First off the cab rank was the cheeseburger slider (comes with fries, $16, below) with a savoury bun (no brioche in sight), prime beef patty, American cheddar, and pickles. Solid. I like it. The beef patty held together nicely as I bit in and, well, I was eating a cheeseburger and that’s pretty satisfying at any time. 7.5/10

 Baby calamari fritti with wasabi mayo ($16, below) was served in one of those cute, little deep fryer sieves that gastro pubs love. The fritti hit the spot with its thin, crispy coating but I couldn’t really taste the wasabi in the mayo. 7/10

 The one sweet item on the hot menu (there is also a candy bar for the sweet toothed) are the Nutella doughnuts ($9) made with a fluffy doughnut dough fried into puffs and finished off with a squeeze of warm Nutella into its belly (before it goes in yours). A dessert for Goldilocks - not too sweet, not too bland, just right. 8/10

Summary The hot food on offer is designed to be devoured and leave you with a warm, happy feeling but if you are a health nut and obsessive about eating clean then you are better off bringing a hamper (yes, hampers/picnics are allowed). For the rest of us, these offerings are great to munch on while enjoying a movie in the lush green of Centennial Park.

This blog was contributed by Hai. Weekendfoodescapes by Lisa was invited as a guest of Cardinal Spin Public Relations. All photos, opinions are my own.

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