Friday, 13 November 2015

Postales Spanish Restaurant, Sydney CBD

Postales Spanish Restaurant is a white table cloth venue for tapas and is located in CBD Sydney.

Postales Spanish Restaurant is located within the GPO in Sydney. The decore is really romantic and is a bit posh. It's dimly lit and the staff give you little torches so you can read the menu.

I caught up with an old friend from my university days and we look through the menu and opt to order a number of dishes on a Thursday night.

My weakness when it comes to tapas is always the garlic prawns (top photo, $14.50). There were tasty and lived up to expectations - not too immersed in garlic but a nice balance to retain the natural prawn taste.

My friend and I order a series of tapas dishes. The waiter seemed to be very pressed for time so they may have been understaffed on that night. The croquettes arrive in a portion of three (below, $10.90) and were beautifully crumbed on the outside. The croquettes are devoured quickly along with our chorizo and pork belly. We wait a while before any food arrives and we struggle to get the waiter's attention to order another drink.

There seems to be a mix up with the order as more chorizo is delivered to our table and I'm not sure if it's a dish to compensate for the significant wait for our tapas. Regardless, the calamari (above, $7.50) was beautiful and was lightly crumbed; served with a lightly spiced paprika. I also enjoyed the extra chorizo but start to feel very full. The chorizo (pictured below, full portion is $12.90 and the half portion is $7) is tasty and drizzled with a mildly spiced sauce.

Along with the last delivery of tapas, the spiced potatoes arrive ($9.80, photo below) and resembled wedges in a tomato salsa with sour cream. I was hoping for potatoes more tapas - styled like I've had at other spanish restaurants but I still enjoyed the wedges.

No tapas meal is complete without churros. With caramel and chocolate sauces, the churros were thin donut cinnamon sticks ($10.50) which were very tasty. I prefer the slightly thicker churros but these ones were quite nice and crunchy.

Overall, I thought the food was really nice at Postales and reasonably priced, the decore was romantic but the customer service was very slow. I'm hoping it was a one off night. There was a mix up with the order of chorizo and we were subsequently charged but I didn't bring it up given we had eaten it and I should have clarified when it hit the table.

Prices: $50ish per person

Location: lower ground floor, GPO, 1 Martin Place, Sydney

Summary: Lisa's Rating: 
Food: 7/10 for posh dining
Customer Service: 4/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value: 7/10

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