Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Mamak, Chatswood

I hope Mamak is paying their staff correctly because their food is so amazing. I am guilty of regularly ordering my favourite dishes again and again at Mamak!

MW and I share another Mamak dinner. We loveeee Mamak and I regularly go to the Mamak in Haymarket. This time we head to the Chatswood chain. It's much easier to get into the Chatswood Mamak v.s the city one.

MW doesn't always order the same dishes but I do. He likes variety where as I just like eating the same dishes at Mamak because I know they are awesome.

He orders the chicken curry ($17, above). No rice comes with the curry however he soaks up some of the curry with roti that we order. There are chicken pieces with bones. MW says he knows a certain someone that would avoid this dish because there are bones.

My fave roti is the butter roti (planta roti, $8) as the roti is flat, buttery and fluffy all in one. It's a generous portion and I love the sambal chilli sauce that accompanies the roti. There's also two curry sauces that come with the roti.

Recently, I have been ordering the Maggi Goreng ($14, above) which are noodles with egg, prawns, fish cake spices, cucumber, tomato and lime. I like the slightly spicy and tangy taste of these noodles. I have been ordering the same dish over and over because I lovee it. 

It's so satisfying. I also like the original version Mee Goreng with Hokkien noodles.

Mamak is famous for their satay sticks but the fame surely must come from their satay sauce. It's slightly chunky with peanut and chilli flavours. It's sooo delicious. I order half a dozen for $12. If you are hungry, order a dozen for $20.

MW and I also do a sneaky milo drink. He goes for the iced milo and I go for the hot milo ($4 each). It's a classic drink in Malaysia which offsets the spiciness in Malaysian food.

Love it and will be back. I hope the staff are being paid properly!!! 

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