Thursday, 27 April 2017

Kreta Ayer, Chatswood

Who's a big fan of Singaporean Crab? I check out popular chain Kreta Ayer for the full Singaporean food experience. Have you been to Kreta Ayer before?

MW and I wonder into Chatswood Chase and see a busy stream of people outside Kreta Ayer. We head into this Singaporean chain and I make a conscious thought to visit the Eastwood store as it's closer next time. It's full of people which creates a nice buzz at 12pm on this public holiday.

We over order (which is always a bad habit of ours being food bloggers) but MW tells me he's super hungry so we'll see how we go with the food. We order an iced milo and milk tea (above) in anticipation of some chilli dishes today.

We order the chicken curry with roti ($13.80). The Roti is flat and flakey and I enjoy dipping the roti bread into the curry sauce. The boned chicken is full of flavour as it sits in the lighter broth curry.

I also order the lightly steamed scallop with ginger and shallot ($28.80). The lighter sauce allows for the scallop flavours to shine through. The scallops are sliced in half and served in the shell. This dish would be fabulous to share with a group of friends.

One of my favourite dishes is the Char Kway Teow ($13.80). This classic dish of rice noodles with chinese sausage, prawns, egg and spring onions is perfect with a side of chilli sambal sauce. I have a personal weakness for noodles and I always order this dish. It's a must order.

For vegetarians, I recommend you order the deep fried tofu (home made, $9.80 for 3pcs). It's lightly crumbed and is served up with a sweet chilli sauce.

For some balance, I suggest you order some greens. I order the Fu Yu Kangkung ($12.80) which are greens with garlic is topped with chopped nuts.

MW and I also sample the Singaporean Chilli Coral Trout ($49.80). The sauce is insanely tasty and I'm enjoying the lightly crumbed fish which makes for a moreish dish. This is definitely a dish that you should share. The portion is very big.The table next to me has food envy and asks me what this dish is below. I tell them it's the Salted Egg Prawn ($27.80). It's a lightly crumbed prawn where you enjoy the prawn whole. 

You can order crab at market prices and Kreta Ayer will first show you the crab they cook for your approval beforehand.  On this occasion, I order the black pepper crab. It's AMAZING. I was literally finger licking the saucey black pepper sauce along with the delicious crab flesh. I can completely understand why this is the signature dish and I highly recommend ordering the black pepper crab.

For dessert, I try the warm soy bean dessert. It's soft, warm and light in texture. You then add some sweetness via the sugar or the syrup. I really like this dessert and given the colder weather, it's very nice to eat. Alternatively, you could try the shaved ice dessert which is topped with sweet red beans, corn, pandan jellies and clear harder jellies. 

Summary: I really enjoyed my time at Kreta Ayer. It's really popular so I suggest you get there earlier. My favourite dishes were the black pepper crab, char kway teow and chilli coral trout. That black pepper crab was so finger lickin' tasty. 

They also have venues at Kingsford, Ashfield and Eastwood if Chatswood is not a great location for you. I think the menu is also best enjoyed with a group of friends or family.

Price: Depends on whether you order seafood. Mains can vary from $13 or shared dishes can be more.

Location: Within the bottom of Chatswood Chase. 345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm daily

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Ompty. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

Kreta Ayer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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