Sunday, 23 April 2017

Twisted Chicken Hot Pot, Chinatown

It's getting colder and my body is craving more warm and hearty dishes. MW and I check out Hong Kong's famous Twisted Chicken Hot Pot in Sydney's Chinatown. We head there at 12pm for lunch on a Sunday.

Twisted Chicken Hot Pot is a small restaurant located in Sydney's China town on Dixon st.  I can see a few people ordering off their lunch specials but on this occasion, MW and I go all out as we want to try the famous Hong Kong chicken pot.

But first, MW and I order a few entrees to share. The fried chicken wing (above) seems slightly undercooked but MW still nibbles away. Unfortunately they don't have all the available entrees on the menu today as I was looking forward to fried crumbed calamari.

I am quite ignorant of what a Chicken Hot Pot consists so I have no idea what to expect. I have had hot pot before but I now learn the Twisted Chicken Hot Pot is a particularly special process.

Firstly, you order off the menu and you choose from a half or full chicken. Then you can choose a bunch of ingredients to go into the hot pot. Being ignorant, MW and I order half a chicken for the two of us but we soon learn that this is too much food and is best shared for 4 people.

There is a hot pot that is set in front of you and the staff start cooking the marinated chicken with your choice of level of chilli and numbness. I go for a mild level of chilli.

The smell is amazing as the chicken cooks and my hunger starts to grow in anticipation. As I have no idea what happens next and whether they are going to add in all the other ingredients - MW and I sit there patiently.

One of the staff comes over and asks whether we are going to eat the chicken. She explains that we should be eating the cooked chicken and then later on, she adds in the chicken broth as well as all the other ingredients for the actual hot pot broth part.

I nod obediently and I serve up some of the delicious chicken into our bowls. The chicken is AMAZINGLY flavoursome and we nibble on the chicken which has lots of bones. There is a mild chilli kick and I'm glad I didn't order any higher level of chilli.

In a lot of Asian cultures, they quite enjoy nibbling on bones. I prefer to avoid it personally but MW seems to enjoy the chicken regardless. The chicken is so hearty and enjoyable to eat. This is a highlight. MW and I are unable to finish the chicken but we save stomach space for the chicken broth and ingredients to come.

The next step is to add in the chicken broth. You can also add in different broths for an additional charge but I figure chicken broth will probably go best with chicken.

The pot starts bubbling away and now it's time to add in the ingredients that I had ordered. I order the cheese balls (this is a must order) which is essentially a fish cake with little bits of cheese. It's amazing as it bursts into your mouth. I love it.

I also add in cabbage, mushrooms, noodles and black fungus. MW looks forward to the beef as well a quail eggs so we put all of those ingredients into the pot.

The hot pot is bubbling away and now we serve up little soupy bowls with the chicken and all the ingredients. I really enjoy the spicy broth with the beef, noodles and in particular the cheese balls. MW particularly enjoys the quail eggs. It's a delicious meal but we struggle to finish the quantity so I suggest you come with more people (4 people for the half chicken).

Summary: Warm up this winter with the famous Chicken Hot Pot. This is a great venue for a group lunch or dinner. I loved that marinated chicken and once the broth came in with those cheese fish balls - I was in heaven. 

I highly recommend although you should bring some friends as the costs creeps up on you. The staff are polite but you may have to get their attention.

Price: About $100 for the half chicken hot pot and choice of additional ingredients, 2 drinks and 2 entrees.

Location: Shop 44, 1 Dixon St, Haymarket

Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm daily

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Zomato. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

Twisted Chicken Pot 嘉世堂 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. This looks amazing and it's giving me an idea to get friends to come one day as a celebration for University!

    1. Awesome stuff Andrew! You'll have to tell me if you like it or not.