Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Lumi Dining, Pyrmont

Lumi Dining has a stellar reputation in the Sydney dining scene and Matt has been wanting to go here for some time. I took him out to Lumi Dining for a nice lunch for his birthday. I had such an amazing lunch here last time Mel took me that I knew he would enjoy Lumi. 

I know Lumi is very popular so I book as soon as it's available on the booking system. Matt ops for the 10 course degustation Chef's menu on this particular day for $150. We have a lovely seat by the window which has a nice water view. We order some drinks and cheers Happy Birthday.

I cheers to a brightly coloured glass of rose and Matt goes for an exotic beer - the Mastri Birrai Umbri. We start off the meal with a series of creative snacks. There's the Tomato Gelee which is soft and topped with fish eggs. It's a foreign texture in my mouth but it has a smooth subtle tomato taste.

The chicken liver parfait and pumpkin cigar sits on a bed of decorative pumpkin seeds. The chicken liver parfait cigar is an interesting way to consume chicken liver parfair usually spread on bread. The cheesey mochi is my favourite as it's really delicate and soft. I savour the cheesey taste in my mouth.

Matt's favourite snack is the Italian Gunkan which is described as a mini Italian sushi. As Matt is allergic to Sea Urchin, we both have a slightly different version. The little cup is crunchy with creamy textures. The snacks are very creative and foreign - this is right up Matt's alley.

Following the snacks, next up is the bread. The smell of the bread is mighty enticing. The softly baked bread is heavenly and Matt and I quickly devour this.

Next up is the Chawanmushi which is traditionally a Japanese dish but Lumi Dining turns on the fusion between Italian and Japanese to make this soft, fluffy chawanmushi Italian style with olive and pea flavours.

Matt really enjoys the Veal capparcio with yoghurt and Jerusalem Artichoke. The crunchy Jerusalem make for crunchy chip side. The shards remind me of the Opera House. I let Matt eat my veal capparicio as he loves this dish

The next dish is very colourful - the Miso-strone. A nice play on words - this miso broth has all the vegetable ingredients of a traditional vegetable soup. The perfectly circular vegetables make for a playful way to eat the delicate broth. The broth is served luke-warm and is refreshing. This dish is actually quite simple but very well executed. It's also a great cleanser for the dishes to come.

Matt goes for his second beer, this time going for the IPA version from Mastri Birrai Umbri. The next two dishes are my favourite.

First there's the Agnolotti with parsnip, brown butter. This little morsel of pasta is bursting of buttery flavours and is very much melt in your mouth. This is best eaten whole in your mouth so it can burst freely like a xiao long bao. Similarly the fresh pasta of  Pappardelle with duck and hazlenut is absolutely delicious. The fresh and silky pasta is so moreish and the duck ragu is inviting and remarkably complimentary to the hazlenut. I am in heaven.

The smaller portions of pasta are balanced and make room for the next few dishes to come.

The meal is well paced. Next up are the key mains including the King George Fish with desert lime beurre blanc, onion and yukari which distinctly has French and Japanese technique. The Wagyu Karubi with celeriac, chilli kosho is a very clean dish. The meat very tender and perfectly cooked. A nice chunk of fat makes for deliciousness but the portion is well balanced with the other components on the dish.

I am actually quite full by this stage. For dessert we have two courses including the gelato of Passion fruit with olive crumb. This dessert is also served up in a passionfruit skin. The gelato is smooth and creamy with a jam packed flavour of passion fruit. I also enjoy the olive crumb.

Finally, there's the Salted Geranium with black currant and violas. There's a candle to celebrate Matt's birthday. This dessert is nice but not as balanced as the former dessert. There's a slight sourness that makes this dessert off putting. It's not until you really dig to the bottom to taste the dessert in it's entire form with all the components that it's more balanced. 

Finally, the last dish is a tiny custard puff (the petite four). It's a mouthful of sweetness which I liked. A great way to finish the meal. 

Summary: Overall, Lumi Dining delivers yet another stunning 10 course degustation. With innovation, creativity and fusion - I thoroughly enjoyed the thought put into the balance of flavours and sequence of dishes. What a magical show case of deliciousness.

I highly recommend for a nice occasion or if price is no object. It's a great place for a leisurely and decadent lunch.

Price: $150 pp for the 10 course meal

Location: 56 Pirrama St, Pyrmont

Opening Hours: 

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wed, Thur 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 4pm and 6:30pm to 10:30pm

LuMi Bar & Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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