Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fish Market Cafe, Pyrmont

The fish markets is always hectic, full of tourists and hungry seafood lovers. You must go very early or be a very patient person. After another recent visit, I opted for some salt and pepper calamari with chips (It was about $16). The calamari was heavenly! It was so very fresh but super tasty with crunch bits of salt and pepper. The crunch was sporadic so it did not over power the natural flavours of the calamari.

My favourite place for sashimi is at Peter's Fish market. I order my favourites including some tuna, king fish and salmon sashimi. Sashimi can be a bit pricey but when it's from Peter's it taste amazing and so fresh. The small portion of sashimi below cost $10.

I love it! I absolutely love the fish markets. I've been to Fish Market Cafe and Peter's several times.

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