Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Zealous Cafe and Catering, North Sydney

Zealous has a new menu and now has two cafes, both on little walker st. The new second cafe in 90 Arthur St / little walker st is at the bottom of a commercial building. It's decked out with much more seating than the tiny original cafe.

I used to be a regular at Zealous as the staff are friendly, the food was delicious and it was of high value competing with all the North Sydney Eateries.

The staff are still very friendly but Zealous no longer competes as well with the rest of North Sydney. There are plenty of North Sydney cafes where lunch on average is $15-20 for a sit down lunch. In terms of take away options, you're looking at $12ish.

I ordered the lamb salad with quinoa, kale, tomato and broccoli (above, $12). It was a very healthy salad and filling but tasted very dry. There are many other salad alternatives in North Sydney that are tasty and cheaper. I miss the old salads that Zealous used to offer for $6. I previously would agree and advocate with the 100% like rate but I would probably downgrade this to a 75% now.

I've also tried the chicken roll (below, $12) which had spicy chicken bits, corn and salsa relish. The chicken was dry and the bun looked slightly burnt.  

I will definitely come back for convenience. However there's a lot of great places to eat in North Sydney!

Prices: $15 to 20 for lunch

Location: 90 Walker st, North Sydney

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