Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

Australian Vietnamese locals will often cite Cabramatta or Bankstown as the best suburbs for value, authentic Vietnamese meals. The Vietnamese Eatery is often bustling with a restaurant full of customers and amazing food that looks fresh and delicious. Expect lots of dishes full of fresh herbs and greens!  The dishes I ordered were perfect to share!

The platter above is accompanied with rice paper. You soak the rice paper and wait 30 seconds as the paper softens. You then grab some of the fresh herbs, vermicelli noodles, radished carrot, cucumber, pork meat and crispy stick and roll away.  If you are looking for tips on how to roll.. check out this video.

The rice cake dish (below) is absolutely beautiful! The rice cake dish called "Bánh Bèo" in vietnamese are steamed rice cakes with crunch bits, shallot, pieces of pork roll also known as "Chả lụa" and radished carrot. You pour a fish based sauce over the rice cakes and share with your fellow diners. 

The Spring Rolls are served with plenty of herbs and radished carrots. They are a regular favourite that everyone enjoys. I'd suggest you get a lettuce leaf to wrap around the spring roll and then dip in the sauce.

A regular favourite for me is the savoury Vietnamese pancake (named Bánh xèo in Vietnamese). A bright yellow crunchy bits which hides pieces of pork, bean sprouts and the rare prawn. I suggest you put the pancake into the ricepaper into a roll. It's my absolute favourite!

I really enjoyed my meal at The Vietnamese Eatery and definitely suggest you come along for the food. Point if you have any language barriers but the Viet staff are very friendly.

Prices: $10-15 per person

Location: 1/324 Chapel St, Bankstown

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