Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Star Garden Buffet, Pyrmont, Sydney

My mesh plate of mussels, pizza, chips, pasta and pork crackers
Prawns! Are you ready to peel them?

The Star Garden Buffet is great for tourists or perhaps a one time a year visit for Sydney locals. You often see bus loads of Asian tourists making a stop at the Star Garden Buffet. There is such a wide range of food.  A lot of people come for the fresh prawns!

Popular with the kids are an array of pizza, garlic breads and pastas. Chips and the chocolate fountain also seem to be very popular. The pizza bases are very thin and the choices have a good variety.

Below was a thai curry option (rice is off to the side) and fish fillets. You can also make your own Tom Yum Soup and top with your own toppings. It was a good mesh of Asian fusion type dishes.

For a more modern Australian feel, you may opt for the roast type dishes which had options of chicken, carvery type meats such as beef and don't forget your roast vegetables. My favourite in dessert is ice cream from the machine topped with chocolate sauce, followed by some sneaky pieces of fruit dipped in the chocolate fountain. For fans of cakes and chocolate mousse, you will have some options too.

All the food is cooked well and considering this is mass production of food, I quite like the Star Garden Buffet. I'd only say it's a once a year visit though because of the great competition in Sydney when it comes to food!!

STANDARD PRICESBreakfast: $34.90, Child: $17.90
Lunch: Mon-Fri $33.90, Sat-Sun $39.90, Child: $17.90​
Dinner: Mon-Thur $40.90, Sat-Sun $46.90, Child: $17.90

Don't wear thongs (Flip Flops) or you won't be able to enter the Star. 

Location: 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont. 

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