Thursday, 1 March 2018

Chef's Table, Royal Carribean

This is a very delayed post but somewhat recently I went on a Royal Carribean Cruise to the South Pacific and Matt and I decided to purchase the option of attending the chef's table. How did it compare to Sydney's high standard of fine dining?

Matt and I dressed up formally for the Chef's Table and looked forward to a nice dinner. We start chatting away with the other fellow cruisers and cheers to a glass of champagne. Everyone is in good spirits.

The staff are very attentive. There's a few amuse-bouche snacks before the menu starts including a beef carpaccio and fish topped with seaweed. 

Unless you're an extremely advanced drinker, I'd suggest pacing yourself on the wine as there are several courses. The first official course on the menu is a light avocado and tomato salad which is refreshing.

The sweet pea soup was a bit grainy for me and not as enjoyable to eat so I stopped eating after a spoonful.

Next up is the lobster which is beautifully cooked and delicious. There's three large chunks of butter poached lobster which I really enjoy. As Matt is allergic to shell fish, he receives a meaty alternative.

The beef short rib ravioli arrives and the pastry is quite thick and unpleasant to eat. The beef short rib is a bit dry in the middle.

I'm quite full at this stage but the meal ends up on a good note with the beef tenderloin main which is cooked well and the final dessert which is called Chocolate sabotage. The dessert was really nice with a chocolate mousse, ice cream, a chocolate ganache cake and a hard chocolate coated lava cake.

So is Chef's Table worthwhile booking on Royal Carribean? So overall, there was a mix of dishes. I think if you like your wine then the dinner is still good for value. I would suggest you wait to book until you go on board to see if you can get a discount.

It doesn't live up to the standards of the fine dining scene in Sydney however you can't expect the same on a cruise ship. I think it's worthwhile for the experience and especially if you rarely dine out in fine dining. Matt and I are food bloggers and probably have higher expectations after experiencing so many great venues on dry land. 

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