Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Chama BBQ, Caringbah

Matt loves meat and when I mentioned all you can eat churassco for $40 - he was very much looking forward to dinner. Matt and I head to Chama BBQ in Caringbah and patiently wait until the doors open at 6pm. There's a small queue outside.
Chama BBQ is a modern looking restaurant with long, slender tables. I see many large groups enter and understand why they have these big tables now. How churassco works is that the staff will come around with a series of dishes and offer you a portion. It's unlimited so you can say yes to as many dishes as you want.

Our meal at Chama BBQ starts off with a series of sides including baked potato, white rice, black beans, casava crumb, two chilli sauces and a sweet vinegar salsa. We also have some cheesey bread as well. I really enjoy eating the baked potato as it's creamy, cheesey and is very comforting.

I don't end up eating much of the black beans or the white rice but the sauces are so amazing that I eat most of them with the meat.

Chama BBQ has the below cheesey bread that are bite sized. Nom nom nom. I know most people will avoid carbs when eating at Churassco but I doubt you'll be able to avoid these delicious cheesey bites.

One of the first dishes that comes out is the pasta salad. I'm a sucker for pasta salad so I say yes and the staff scoops a small amount onto my plate. The pasta is creamy and refreshing to eat with the meat with a decent coating of mayonnaise all over the pasta - just how I like it.

Chama BBQ staff quickly walk around earlier in the night and I also eagerly say yes to the french fries. I am addicted to french fries and enjoy eating this when no one is looking. I also dip them into the chilli sauce. 

As Matt and I arrive early at Chama BBQ, there's a very quick turn around of meat. The Rump Steak (above) is already carved and both Matt and I say yes to this dish. The meat is cooked medium rare. Matt prefers medium rare so this works well for him. It's delicious and especially when I eat some of the sides with the rump steak. Next up is the chicken (below), the chicken is glistening and lightly coated in a glaze. I eat some of the chicken but quickly lose interest. The chicken is a little bland. I prefer the beef tonight.

Then there's an onslaught of meat that comes out after the chicken. It's hard to keep up but there was the pepper beef which was really nice - subtle pepper tones on the edges and that pink meat on the inside. There was the cheesey rump steak which was drowned in a cheeesy sauce which was nice. Although I prefer the chilli sauces that come with the sides. There was also the beef kebab which was a chunkier style of meat which was nice. The pace of food was very quick earlier in the night.

As the night progressed and more people arrived at the tables, the pace of the food was slower which I didn't mind as there was always enough food on my plate. It also gave me a bit more time to enjoy some of the sides. Matt seems very happy and would recommend Chama BBQ to his friends.

Chama BBQ has served quite a bit of meat to Matt and I and I am starting to feel full. I still say yes to some halloumi which looks glistening. I really enjoy the softly grilled halloumi which looks egg but tastes really soft and slightly salty. Delicious! Matt also eats a small amount of rocket salad and bean salad. I skip the salads and only say yes to more fries. I like that there's a few other dishes along side the meat to mix it up. 

Chama BBQ also had chicken heart which I wasn't game enough to eat but Matt happily eats this. 

Matt and I have eaten a lot of food within an hour at Chama BBQ so we're ready for dessert. Although I am quite full, there's always more room for dessert. The pineapple hasn't been roasted for too long but I still munch on the pineapple and cinnamon. Matt is disappointed and wanted the pineapple to be cooked for longer. So he focuses on the banana fritters. The banana fritters are really tasty! Matt falls in love with the sweet thick batter and the banana within taste sweeter with the sugar coating.

It's about 7pm and by now, I can see that the pace of food has significantly slowed down as there are many more people in the restaurant.

Summary: I had a really nice dinner at Chama BBQ. If you love meat then you should head to Chama BBQ.  My favourite meats were the rump steak. I liked all the non-meat dishes such as the halloumi, dessert and the sides. Matt would definitely be here more often if we were locals. If you eat a lot, then $40 will be a bargain.

My advice is for you to go early when they open to get a higher frequency of food. 

Price: $40 unlimited food

Location: Shop 3, 277-281 Caringbah

Opening Hours: 
Closed Monday
Tuesday to Sunday 6pm to 9pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own.
Chama Brazilian Style BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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