Sunday, 20 January 2019

Cafe Woodland, Mascot

There's a new cafe in Mascot called Cafe Woodland. Matt and I stop by for some brunch at about 11am on a Sunday. It's been a while since I've had brunch so I am eagerly awaiting a delicious and healthy breakfast. After a full on year in 2018, I am now looking to focus on good health.
It's quite busy as Matt and I enter. I look at their menu which has a good variety and I also check out their specials menu. There's a few temptations for me from the menu. I notice it's an all day menu so you can have breakfast all day!

As I'm in calorie counting mode, I opt for a delicious earl grey tea and Matt goes for a delicious chocolate milkshake. I love the citrus tones in an earl grey tea. To kick off breakfast, Matt and I share The Truffy Eggs ($21) which has sauteed forest mushrooms, shallots, parsley, basil, organic sourdough and folded truffle eggs.  Hurrah! I love truffled eggs and they are fluffy, light and flavoursome. Eggs are high in protein and I selfishly portion some eggs and mushrooms away for myself. The mushrooms are low in calories and are so delicious. They are perfectly cooked and compliment the eggs in flavour.

Matt and I also share the Woody Brisket ($22). This is a Red-Eye slow cooked beef brisket with babaganoush, pickled beetroots, 2 of the 63 degree poached eggs with horseradish cream. My eyes immediately look to the poached eggs and they are perfectly cooked. They look so sexy and tasty. 

The brisket looks so flavoursome and fatty in flavour. Matt gives me a small portion to taste and the brisket is very melt in your mouth. The babaganoush is incredibly salty which takes away from the brisket but overall the dish is very tasty. I give my feedback to the staff so perhaps it might be not be as salty next time. 

The final dish that Matt mostly eats and I get a small spoonful of is the French Land Toast ($17, below). It's a Pain per Dou (aka french toast), raspberry jam, whipped cream, peanut puree, freeze dried liquorice, cinnamon syrup and sugar, flowers, lemon balm, red veined sorrel. I would describe it more like a donut to be honest. Matt gets straight into beautiful looking specimen of a dish. The raspberry jam and peanut butter flavours couple up to dance on the tongue. What a delicious dish.

Summary: Locals of Mascot, have you checked out the new venue Cafe Woodland? I really enjoyed my experience at Cafe Woodland and would definitely be a local if I lived nearby. All the dishes were good and i've also heard that the Alaskan Crab Eggs are really popular. Enjoy!

Price: Most dishes are $14 to $23

Location: 1205 Botany Rd, Mascot

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday 6am to 3pm
Weekends 7am to 4pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own. Thanks to  Spooning Australia

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