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Manjit's, Balmain

If you've strolled along King St Wharf, you may have noticed the very popular restaurant Manjit's at the Wharf. I discovered that Manjit's had originally opened in Balmain and has been there for over 30 years (since 1984). Wow! The locals must all know about this gem but it was my first time visiting this Balmain venue.
Manjit's is best described as Authentic Indian Flavours in a modern and elegant setting. There's quite an extensive menu and I suggest you ask the staff for recommendations, particularly if you are looking for a feast. There's also banquet options as well. 

I start the meal with a fruity mocktail and cheers to Matt. I deliberately avoid alcohol as I plan to go for a nice walk later on that day. I'm making a conscious effort to walk 10K steps at the moment.

Matt also orders a mango lassi which looks like a fruity spider's web. The mango lassi is thick and bursting of mango refreshment. Matt might need this if he runs into a spice level he can't handle. 

I start off with the entrees with a special, it's a delicious tempura prawn. Matt is allergic to shell fish so he misses out on this dish. The tempura crumb is light and packs quite a spicy punch. I'm also slightly distracted by this beautiful bowl that it's served in. I recommend this dish if it's available.

Matt enjoys the samosas made from short crust pastry with a vegetable filling and home made chutney. Samosas are a classic entree and seem to be very popular with their crunchy and thin exterior and flavoursome filling. Matt smacks his lips and continues munching on these samosas.

Matt and I also share two other entrees, one new dish they which was a really moist Saffron chicken fillet. Matt notes it's cooked to perfection and is so juicy and full of flavour. I almost feel guilty cutting into this beautiful and delicate looking chicken but my tastebuds know better and I enjoy this dish. The quality of the ingredients is very evident in conjunction with how well the chicken is cooked. The second dish I taste is the spiced chicken. This spicy chicken is more chilli than the saffron chicken but still packs mouthfuls of flavour and the chicken here is also well cooked. For anyone who an handle any normal amount of spice - I can assure you that it's not spicy.

Matt feels quite spoiled in the entree department as we continue. We now have another entree dish which are the Lamb Cutlets. They are bright red in colour and I wonder how spicy this dish will be. In reality, they are actually really mild! The lamb cutlets are very saucey and delicious. I've experienced so many different flavours in my mouth with all the entrees. It's been perfect. 

Matt looks very happy and I remind him that we've only been eating entrees. We haven't gotten into the mains yet. I am starting to feel quite full but can't resist eating the delicious food. We share the spinach paneer curry which expectantly comes out a dark green shade. The paneer cheese is hiding in the sauce in little cube form. The paneer is soft and manages to keep it's own distinct flavour from the spinach curry.  It's a mild curry and is enjoyable to eat.

Matt and I also can't resist their FAMOUS butter chicken. The Manjit family have deep rooted history in this dish. It's the best in Sydney in my opinion. They have just perfected butter chicken. It's creamy, smooth and incredibly flavoursome. We requested a smaller portion given I had eaten so many entrees but I could not resist having some of this delicious and famous dish.

Matt and I also soak up all the flavours of the beef vindaloo with the garlic naan bread. The garlic naan bread is perfection btw, it's light, fluffy and flavoursome. The beef vindaloo is meant to be an incredibly spicy dish however you can ask for a milder version if you wish. The thick sauce contrasts well with the butter chicken and spinach paneer dish. The flavours dance on my tongue as I alternate between each dish. All three are outstanding.

Matt never lets a full stomach get in the way of dessert. I give up on the other hand. Matt loves Indian desserts and eats both the mango and pistacio kulfi. Kulfi is a popular frozen dessert and has more of a frozen texture than traditional ice cream. It's a cold and refreshing way to finish the meal.Matt also enjoys the Gulab Jamun which are spongey milk balls in a rose water and sugary syrup. This dish is really sweet in flavour which will really wake up your senses if your body has gone into a small coma after the feast of food.

Summary: Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Manjit's in Balmain. I am very impressed with this long-standing and reputable venue. The food is elegant, delicious and perfectly cooked. I highly recommend.

Price: Most Mains $19-30

Location: 360 Darling St, Balmain

Opening Hours: 

Closed Monday
Tuesday to Sunday 5:30pm to 10:30pm

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own. Thanks to Food Shot and Spooning Australia

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  1. That looks amazingly satisfying and tasty. The tempura prawn looks so elegant, the serving dish is also unique. Thanks for sharing!