Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Merrylands Bowling Club, Merrylands

This is a delayed blog post!! I offered to buy my family lunch and my mother got to choose the venue. She choose the Merrylands Bowling Club. I've never been to Merrylands Bowling Club however my mother seems to be somewhat of a regular. We arrive at the venue where there is a slight line at opening time at 11:30am.

As we arrive at the cashier, I'm surprised at the value of the buffet. It's $24 for visitors or $22.50 for members on a Sunday which is where they serve up a "gourmet buffet". This is great value for a buffet. It's even cheaper on the other days for lunch.

The decore is quite outdated but there's plenty of seating. I decide to do a lap to see what is on offer. At the front there's lots of desserts including this cake and some baklava.

I also take note of the cookies, muffins, cake on one side. On the other side there's more dessert of crumble, pie, custard, chocolate mousse, jelly and cream.

On the left back side of the room, I notice a little Asian delights corner of custard tarts, several types of dumplings and BBQ buns. Apologies I couldn't get a photo of the dumplings, there were too many people there at the time. I know that i'll be heading back this way to get dumplings as that's what i'm craving.

There's a middle section with a host of carvery type vegetables and meats. I'm not sure if I'm interested in this area on this particular day.

Instead it's the Asian hot bar, one side full of fried goodies such as spring rolls, fried chicken, honey chicken and fried fish. On the other side is fried rice, noodles, fried beef, fried fish, fried chicken dishes. There's also a small seafood section.

I ultimately eat some dumplings, mussels, noodles and stir fried vegetables. It's a nice day out with the family and I think it's a high for value buffet.

The food is of average quality but doesn't compare to the Star Buffet in the city. Although the star city buffet is considerably more in price. Check it out if you're looking for a high for value feed.

There's also a bar in there so you can purchase booze if you like. I settled for tea personally!

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