Monday, 21 January 2019

Sea Days at Royal Carribean Cruise South Pacific Part 2

Here's a very delayed blog post. So I went on a Royal Carribean Cruise on the Explorer of the Seas. As I went just after xmas, there were lots of xmas decorations and xmas themed towels on the cruise. I really enjoyed this little towel family. Make sure you also check out Part 1 and this post for food focused blogs.

On the sea days of the cruise, there were long queues for rock climbing but we timed it so we were there when it opened and Matt had a go at the wall. Then we would relax by the pool. 

The days were a bit drawn out but we entertained ourselves with a bit of trivia and then we would have an early dinner. There was always something on the menu for both Matt and I. We dined in the formal dining room for dinner and we would often go to the more casual buffet for lunch. There was always a great view of the sea.

There are also a number of restaurants that you can also pay to go to. We thought we'd give Johnny Rockets a go which is a burger joint. Overall I'm not sure if i'd go back as the burgers were mediocre. The onion rings and the french fries were good though. You can get french fries in the free buffet though.

So overall, I thought the cruise was quite relaxing but there wasn't enough to entertain Matt and I. We got bored.  So if you're looking to force yourself to relax, I highly recommend.

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