Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Hungry Dough, Wareemba/Abbotsford

Hungry Dough is a new venue that has just opened up in Wareemba. Wareemba is a small suburb nearby Abbotsford in the inner west of Sydney. Matt and I pop by on a hot Saturday afternoon.
Hungry Dough is a small venue with a few tables inside and you'll immediately see the wall of animated pizza characters. From first impression you'd think it's just a pizzeria however there's a few surprising items on the menu. 

Hungry Dough has a range of pizza options and also has manoush! Manoush is described as Lebanese Pizza and typically comes with middle eastern toppings. I try the Sujuck and Egg Manoush ($8). The Manoush comes out in a perfect size to share or you could easily eat this on your own. Sujuck is a dry and spicy sausage and is accompanied by tomato, egg and onion. These flavours could easily satisfy brunch cravings or if you are familiar - egg and spicy sausage is a common combination in Manoush. What does it taste like? It's not quite a pizza, it's not quite a pie.. it's somewhere between. It's like a pizza shallow pie! I enjoy the crunchy crust and the spicy sausage (it's relatively mild btw).


 Hungry Dough also has pizza options. I try the Vegan Paradise Pizza ($16) which has vegan cheese, mushroom, tomato, spinach, olives, green capsium on a tomato base. This pizza felt really healthy! The base was crispy thin with lots of healthy vegetables but still had that rich tomato and cheesey pizza flavours. I am calorie counting and enjoyed this pizza without feeling guilty.

 Hungry Dough also has tasty middle eastern treats. I can recommend the Falafels ($5 for 3 or $10 for 8). The falafels are crunchy on the outside with a flavoursome chickpea filling and is served with a smooth hummus sauce. I enjoy the bright purple pickles with the falafels. This is a great little snack to share.

Now for my guilty pleasure at Hungry Dough... fried chicken wings with garlic sauce (you can choose your own sauce but I love garlic sauce) $6 for 3 or $12 for 8. I love chicken and garlic sauce. I just think it's a perfect combination.  The chicken is also served up with pickles and spinach leaves. The chicken skin is crunchy and is tasty but the pieces are quite small so there's only a bit of chicken flesh. However it's very reasonably priced.

For dessert, while I am tempted by the Nutella Pizza. Matt wants to try the white chocolate pizza because it's a bit different. The pizza comes out and it looks delicious! The white chocolate, berry and coconut pizza ($16) is a bit decadent as it comes out. The white chocolate and the coconut shavings are well balanced out with slightly sourness of the berries. It's definitely worth a try.

Summary: Overall, I enjoyed the casual lunch at Hungry Dough. All the food was nice but why not try some of the falafels, chicken wings and manoush with your pizza! I'm sure the locals will enjoy Hungry Dough. I also think it's quite reasonably priced.

Price: All pizzas are between $9 and $17

Location: 308 Great North Rd, Wareemba

Opening Hours: 

11am to 10pm daily

 Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of the venue or their representatives. All photos, opinions and words are my own.

Hungry Dough Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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