Saturday, 22 February 2014

New China Restaurant, West Ryde

I came here on a Monday where I was the only customer at the time.  It was a deserted ghost town but I've been here before and enjoyed the food. Overall, I think the food was good. There are a lot of dishes on the menu and I've seen the local Chinese come in and order delicious lamb on the hotplate and other dishes.

I had a weird situation with the house wine. The white was fine and fresh. The red house wine was clearly off. When I told the waiter at the end, he sniffed it and said the bottle had been opened for a week and it was fine. I encouraged him to drink the wine but he didn't.  So maybe play it safe and either order a bottle of wine or don't order at all. The house wine is only $4 so I didn't push for a refund but I felt sorry for anyone who was going be ordering red wine after me. I was slightly annoyed that he didn't offer a refund but you need to let the little things go in life :)

Prices: About 20 per person plus drinks
Ghost town

Fungus with onion - About $10
 I love the fungus dish. It's a cold dish but the textures are absolutely delightful and it's a great side dish to any meal.  It was about complementing some of the more spicer dishes.
Dumplings in chilli sauce - about $9
 The dumplings were a tad dry and overcooked. The sauce was nice enough. Nothing to really rival the dumplings at HuTong in Melbourne but they were okay. I don't think I would order this dish again.
Chilli with Chicken - About $20
 The chilli with chicken (because it was mostly chilli) was nice. Little bits of fried chicken mixed in with tonnes of chilli, peanuts, spring onions and random bits of ginger. It was nice enough but filled with chillis.
As you can see, it was mostly chilli
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