Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sushi Hotaru, Sydney

I'm a regular at sushi hotaru; not because of the average customer service or sometimes long queues but I think it's reasonably priced and consistent  and tasty sushi.  The sashimi is not bad.  If you're average weighted or even remotely chubby, stick to the sushi train seats as you'll struggle to fit into their booths. They are only made for the very thin.

Order your dishes on screens and sushi magically appears.

I like the eel nigiri, prawn tempura roll and the grilled scallop nigiri.  I felt a bit ripped off with the scrap of salmon in the salmon roll on this particular occasion.  A nice venue for a quick bite but don't come here if you want a leisurely, long lunch or dinner.

I like this place :)

Price: $3 per plate, more for sashimi or dishes like udon


Prawn tempura Roll

Grilled scallop

Salmon roll

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  1. this is my fave sushi place as well mainly for the prices and the tasty dishes