Friday, 15 August 2014

Iron Chef Chinese Restaurant, Cabramatta

 Iron Chef is famous in Cabramatta.  My work colleague who lives in Bondi drives all the way to Cabramatta to eat the infamous crab.  Iron Chef is bustling and full of customers at 11:00AM. I love yum cha and the whole experience of trolleys coming around, stamps on your card and drinking bottomless tea.

I went to Iron Chef for the first time to try their yum cha.  It was a nice experience and the highlights for me were the calamari.  It was perfectly crumbed with a nice sprinkle of chili and spring onion.  The dumplings were good but not a highlight.  I'm not sure if they quite compare to the city restaurants.

When the little cart came around offering up duck pancakes, I couldn't resist. The duck looked and tasted equally amazing.  The duck meat was juicy with tasty glazed skin.  I had a nice chunk of duck which would was very tasty.  The duck pancake would have been perfect if they just cut the duck a more thin to my liking and the cucumber thinner to my liking.

The BBQ pork rice rolls were very generous in filling and very tasty. The rice noodle was very thin though. I would have loved another layer of rice noodle goodness. So tasty. So very tasty.

Check out Iron Chef if you're looking for a yum cha in the west. My other yum cha favourites out west include The Dynasty in Belmore or North West in North Ryde at the Emperor's Table.

Prices: My brunch for two included 6 dishes for $40 with free tea

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