Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sushi Hotaru, Sydney

Sushi Hotaru is a very popular sushi train in the Galleries Shopping Centre. Where most dishes are $3 and are amazingly fresh, tasty and appealing to the eye.  Order your freshly made sushi via the little screen or pick your sushi favourites off the train.

You can also request customer service and order drinks through the screen as well! Love the technology!

I love the seared spicy salmon which I always order off the screen so it's funky fresh at $3.  I love the fact that you have a bite and it's fresh salmon sashimi and seared salmon in one.  My other regular order is the eel at $3. I opted for the original version without the cream cheese but the Eel sushi with cream cheese is tempting.

I went wild recently at Sushi Hotaru and ordered all my must haves! It's been almost six months since I've been to sushi Hotaru and boy do I miss this place!

My other must haves include the spicy scallop nigiri (below) at $3.  The scallops are so fleshy and tasty.  I love it. I followed this with a plain prawn nigiri ($3) which was tasty.

My last two dishes were amazing.  I choose off the train with some takoyaki balls which contain octopus and floury pancake textures.  My final dish was amazing which was the spicy tuna.  It's a must order!

Prices: 6 dishes of sushi at $3, washed down with green tea will cost you a $20 lunch or dinner.

Location: level 2, the galleries shopping centre @ 500 George St

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