Friday, 29 August 2014

Black by Ezard, Pyrmont, The Star

Are you ready for a bit of posh dining ?  Black by Ezard has a special Champagne Sunday lunch which is sure to indulge any foodie or boozer.  For $125.00 you can lavishly eat three courses and limitless glasses of Moet Champagne. Or alternatively; choose two courses for $70.00 and buy your own booze. If you are really looking to eat then choose the three courses for $85.00 and buy your own booze.

Black by Ezard was Awarded one hat by SMH's good food guide in 2013.  The meal started with sweet bread, butter and black pepper from Hawaii (or so the waitress advised). I opted for the buy your own booze deal with two courses.

(Above) Delicious cocktail of Velvet Martini at $20 which consists of vanilla vodka, passionfruit, honey, apple and orange blossom.

(Below) A glass of Pierre Amadieu Shiraz Grenache Mouvedre.  A medium full bodied red wine.

The entree of medley of mushrooms with sexy textures of fried, steamed and fried mushrooms.  It was beautifully presented and was surprisingly light but filling at the same time. A really elegant and tasty

The ocean trout was also another entree option.  What a picture! With orange jelly, crunchy bits, caviar.

I opted for the Fillet grass fed angus (200g) with roasted cauliflower, pearl onion salad with gremolata.  The meat was thick so it was not evenly cooked.  It was medium-rare in the middle (at my request) but on the thinner parts of the meat, it was more medium. I didn't mind. It was a tasty piece of meat.

To accompany the main, there were a variety of sauces including two different mustards and a sweet BBQ steak sauce.  I also ordered additional sides at $10 each.  At posh prices, the portions were very small but all portions were tasty.  The potato puree (mash) was smooth and creamy.  The chips were crispy and well seasoned.  The mac and cheese was crunchy at the top and beautifully cheesy.

The duck main was immaculately cooked. What a picture! It was plated with beauty!  The King Fish was  the highlight main of the day.  It was also perfectly cooked and the skin was slightly cripsy which is how I like it.

I was really fortunate to taste a lot of my company's entrees. I actually choose the dessert, which is a lemon cake with little snow-like powder. It was sweet, sour and sugary.  All components of a successful dessert.

It looks like there's a new menu on Sunday's now so I'm glad I got to taste these treats.

Location: 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

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