Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Doodles Noodles, North Sydney

Are you ready to try a mind blowing chili ? Deceivingly sweet smelling, the home brewed chili at Doodles Noodles is a new level of spice. Try a small spoonful (I went overboard with a few teaspoons) in a nice wonton noodle dish. I always choose fresh rice noodles to accompany the green vegetables and pork/prawn wontons. If you're game, you can also double dip in a different chili sauce.

Doodles Noodles is a nice cheap and dirty Asian eatery in North Sydney. This eatery is hidden in the arcade from Mount St into Berry square. A nice place for a cheap but fulfilling meal - you must try a little bit of the chili. Don't leave without a slight taste.

Don't expect anything too classy or clean at this eatery, eating in is not the most pleasant experience but you go there for the food (in this circumstance) not the decore !  But if you're not bothered by this then definitely give the wonton noodle soup a go!

Prices: Most dishes are $8 to $12 so you can order a very fulling and large bowl of your choice!

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