Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sushi Boat - North Sydney (Closed)

Sushi Boat is my favourite sushi train in North Sydney.  I like the variety, freshness of the sashimi and pace of the sushi train.  I'm glad they have simplified things and now most plates are just $3.50.

My favourites always include the seared salmon sushi roll with naughty cream cheese and avocado. I love the contrast of the seared top and the raw bottom of the salmon dipped in a wasabi dominate soy mixture.

I can never resist the seared scallops either! They are juicy, beautifully seared and melt in your mouth.  I love it!  To top off my light lunch, I also choose the plate of Sashimi at $5.80.  It's fresh and delicious. 

There's another sushi train across from the station which is very dear and mostly rice filled sushi.  There's one in Greenwood but is jam packed in the food court and I think the quality is not as good as Sushi Boat.  My top Japanese eats in North Sydney are non-sushi trains at Sakura and for my favourite Sushi boxes, I go to Sushia .

Prices: $3.50 per plate, $5.80 for sashimi plates (I started eating the sashimi before I took the photo)

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