Thursday, 28 August 2014

Taste of Shanghai, CBD World Square

It's time to go a little bit prawn crazy.  While Taste of Shanghai is typically known for your dumplings, I decided to blitz my dinner with salt and pepper prawns, prawns and noodles with a side of dumplings.

I've had some amazing eating memories at Taste of Shanghai but this evening was something different. The salt and pepper prawns were amazingly tasty. I think the number of prawns were great value.  The batter was light, crispy and had a great balance of both salt and pepper.  I bit into the chili and spring onions which perfectly accompanied the prawns.

I cannot go to Taste of Shanghai without mentioning the Xiao Long Bao at $9.90.  Those soup filled dumplings that burst into your mouth are so very delicious.  I love dipping them into my mix of sauce of chili sauce, 80% vinegar and 20% of soy sauce. They warm your insides and please your belly.

The perfect mix of textures also included some of the the Stir Fry Shallot Noodles with Prawns.  The noodles were stir fried which was a hit of oil but not enough to overpower your palette. Another generous portion of prawns.

I brought a bottle of pinot grio and paid corkage for the perfect night of food and good company. I love this food escape which sits at the bottom of World Square. I've had a lot of great memories here with my bikie guitar teacher and other friends.

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