Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tognini's, Spring Hill - Brisbane

If you're staying at the Meriton or the Mantra and you're going to have a massive work day ahead of you then you should have breakfast at Tognini's.  The customer service can be a slight let down as they get busy. I asked for water three times but the food was good and it was just what I needed for the day ahead.

I always order a chai latte to start the day which warms me up.  It was very generous in its tall serving glass and I ordered the poached eggs with toast ($10) with an additional side of half of an avocado ($4). This is my ultimate breakfast. My manager ordered the muesli which looked tasty.

The food on their screens looked amazing so I would be tempted to go back and try the Italian food for dinner. Check it out! I think the current rating of 61% on urbanspoon is probably slightly harsh. I would give them a 70 percentile or so. It was still a decent cafe to eat breakfast in.

Tognini's Bistro Cafe Deli on Urbanspoon

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