Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kefi Souvlaki and Pizza Bar, Kingsgrove

Gyro. Pronounced "yeeros", the very popular and brother of the kebab will send all sorts of foodgasms throughout your body.  Kefi's is located nearby the Kingsgrove Train Station so it's very accessible if you're on the train or car parking isn't too bad in suburban Kingsgrove.

Bloggers will talk about former chefs of Perama and Xanthi bringing their special touch to Kefi's. I never had the pleasure of tasting the pork belly, baklava flavours at Perama but I'm very fortunate to enjoy the pork belly baklava gyro at $9.50.  What a unique sounding gyro!

The pork belly baklava gyro (bottom left) had slow roasted pork belly, a date and pistachio paste and parts of baklava goodness. There is a light mayonnaise that brings everything together.  Delicious and unique!!!!!

Nothing beats your traditional lamb gyro. The $8.80 lamb gyro (bottom right) was mouth watering and so satisfying on so many different levels. I am obsessed! Slices of flavoursome lamb, garlic mayonnaise, chips, tomato, parsley on beautifully soft and fresh bread. I love the food here. I would venture out all the way to Kingsgrove for the food.

Prices: $8-10 for Gyros

Location: 1/231Kingsgrove rd, Kingsgrove

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