Friday, 10 October 2014

Chef's Gallery, Sydney City

Chef's Gallery is clean Chinese with an edge. There are some things on the menu which are very unique.

The very popular Macanese Style Mini Burgers (above) at $15.90 was very different. It was filled with a pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce with a sweet chilli mayo dressing on a sweet bun on a bed of sprouts. It was an intense deep fried bite into crunchy but sweet goodness. You should definitely try it.

The chicken and basil dumplings (below) at $10.90 look like mini brains. The dumpling skin is thin so you can really taste the chicken and basil filling. The sauce was not bad but may be better eaten without the sauce.

I absolutely love hand made noodles. I loved these hand made thick noodles which were wok fried with shredded pork, Chinese cabbage with black fungus, carrot and egg pieces at $15.90.  There wasn't much pork to be honest but I loved the noodles.

Below are the steamed pork buns at $5.90. They don't look like your traditional pork buns but the inside flavouring will bring you back to traditional roots. Delicious!

Prices: About $25-30 per head

Location: 501 George St, enter on Bathurst St.  Get there early for a seat. 

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