Friday, 3 October 2014

Ko & Co Soju Bar, Surry Hills

 Korean and Mexican food with alcohol. Have you tried this mix? At Ko & Co Soju Bar, you must prepare for the fushion fun of Mexic-ean or Korea-ican food.

Located towards the Central Side of Surry Hills, on a Thursday night I was told it was happy hour 2 for 1 cocktails at Ko & Co Soju Bar.

(left) Complimentary corn chips side by side Asian cutlery.

 The cocktails (left) were the Batanga which had Mezcal, coca cola, Mccol Cola and lime which is Ko & Co's take on the Don Javiet Delgado Corona's best known creation.

The right cocktail was the Yuzu Margarita which had tequila and honey Yuzu tea shaken with lime juice.


The Ko & Co Soju Bar is quite small. The space had tables and stools with smaller crate-like tables on the edges of the room.  The feature wall is beautiful with a picture of a fierce lion.

With a small bar menu, if you are in a group, I suggest ordering everything!

 Tacos options include Spicy Pork Belly, Beef Short Rib, Korean Fried Chicken or Spicy Mushroom at $6 each.  They were nice.  I love El Loco's Tacos though! The fusion of Korean and Mexican flavours surprisingly worked.

The Bibimbap Burritos at $12 were good. Imagine a Korean rice bowl with mixed vegetables, fried egg and gochujang (chili korean sauce) with chili oil wrapped in a flour tortilla with your choice of protein (Pork Belly, Beef Short Rib, Korean Fried Chicken or Spicy Mushroom). A more filling choice than the other options.

The highlight for me were the sliders (2 for $12), the beef short rib slider was amazing! The spicy pork belly slider was very tasty as well. If you only have so much stomach room, make sure you order these - particularly the beef short rib slider!!! The meat was so succulent and the flavours were magical.

The Kim Chi Chips were tasty too at $9.  Another choice I'd probably choose if I had to shortlist my choices. There were french fries, topped with 'westernised' kim chi, cheese and salsa. It's hard to beat cheesey fries.

"Not" Jake jokingly said the Korean Fried Chicken ($15) was like heroin. I'm not sure I agree. It was good and this would be a good dish to share but the sliders were closer to heroin! Served with sides of kim chi mayo and the pickled cabbage the Korean Fried Chicken was a solid dish.  It's hard to beat fried bits of chicken.

Another safe bet is the Quesadilla, toasted tortilla bread with your option of kim chi at $10 or chicken at $12 melted with cheese.

Love this place overall, something new, funky fresh, Korean, Mexican and Booze. Wowzer.

Price: Sharing a few dishes will set you back maybe $15 to 20. Drinks are great if you catch the happy hour

Location: 6 Hunt St, Surry Hills.  Towards Central way!

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