Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Zenya Noodle Bar, Eastwood

Because you don't feel like Korean in Eastwood and you need a good dose of Japanese! For a very large range of food on their menu, check out Zenya Noodle Bar in Eastwood. 

Perfect for a girly catch with wooden tables and beautiful looking tea sets!

The food at Zenya Noodle Bar is fresh tasting and well prepared. It also helps when the food is beautifully presented. It's a good casual dining experience. 

I shared a salmon cappacio at $14.80 which had thinly sliced market fresh salmon with lemon oil, black pepper and a citrus sauce topped with a small garden salad. It was a very fresh tasting dish and the salmon flavours were enhanced by the citrus sauce. Delicious!

The ramen noodles were delicious.  They range from your Sho-yu Ramen at $10.80 to your Ton-Katsu Ramen at $14.80 and various miso based ramens as well.  Beautiful noodle dishes!

The ramen pictured below is actually a mini ramen which I got for $5 with was an add onto the deluxe bento box. The normal sized ramen is very generous so be ready to eat!

The salmon teriyaki bento box at $20.80 was great. It had your teriyaki salmon with rice, salmon sashimi, takoyaki balls (my favourite), seaweed and salad.  Everything was well cooked and tasted delicious.

Prices: approximately $30 per person

Location: 217 Rowe St, Eastwood

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