Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato, Enmore

Cow and Moon Artisan Gelato is a family run business which has the goods when it comes to gelato. The best in the world actually. A few weeks after Cow and Moon Artisan Gelato won the best gelato in the world at the Gelato World Tour Title in Rimini, Italy; I was eager to try the gelato but was terribly turned off by the massive crowds. 

The award winning, best gelato in the world is a recreation of the classic affogato. This award winning gelato combined caramelised almonds (From Italy apparently) with roasted coffee shots on a Madagascan Vanilla base gelato. Now that the hype is now over, I jumped at the chance and tried the Almond Affogato. 

I can definitely see the magic that is the Cow and Moon. The award winning Affogato is creamy, with delicious and strong flavours of caramel and more subtle flavours of coffee. I also tried the berry flavoured ice cream which was creamy and delicious. A great time to enjoy life and ice cream.

Prices: from $4.5 to $ 7.4

Updated: I came back here recently at 7:30pm in late 2015 and it was less crowded! There were still about 10 people in the queue though.

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