Monday, 11 April 2016

The Sackville Hotel, Rozelle

The Sackville Hotel is a local favourite especially for their craft beers, beer garden and the regulars tell me it's a great place for Friday night drinks. I pop by to try the 4 Pines beer along with their food.

The Sackville Hotel is located on Darling St in Rozelle. The front of the pub is a sports bar and then there's a little beer garden with an outside area where people smoke. There's also an intimate dining area out the back. 

The locals tell me that there is great atmosphere on Friday nights. They tell me there are always regulars who enjoy a few (too many) drinks & Sackville offers snacks like sausage rolls & schnitz bites so it makes for a nice night.

The Sackville Hotel had its first craft beer lunch with 5 courses with matching beers for $45 on Sunday. It's a for value afternoon so you should definitely keep your eye out for the next event. I'm told they intend to hold these events more often.

So what's on the menu for this craft beer event of 5 courses with matching beers? It's a sample of some of the highlights of the Sackville Hotel new menu. Their new focus is on steaks so there are two steaks courses. 

I'm told the sample sizes in this pairing event is roughly 1/3 of the size of the normal menu portion size. The grilled chicken salad with witlof, almonds, raisins in a mild curry sauce is $21 on the main menu. The salad is fresh with lots of different textures and is light. This was paired with a hefeweizen 4 pines beer which is also light in flavour as it's a wheat beer with a slight flavour of banana. I love this beer!

For seafood lovers, the second course was the King BBQ prawns with seaweed butter and a salad. This is normally 5 prawns on the main menu and will cost you $25. I thought this might be a bit dear but I'm told it comes with a side salad which completes the meal.The tasting of the prawns were delicious and was matched with a 4 pines kolsch. I devoured them very quickly! 

The next dish is the grainge rump steak with vegetables (normally 250g and $22 on the main menu). The steak is cooked nicely and is pink in the middle. The locals tell me about the D.L Jardine's sauce (below) and bring it over and I am in heaven. It's a smokey bbq sauce that's not sold in Australia. They tell me Andy sells the sauce through the gourmet grocer. The Sackville Hotel also has the gorgeous sauces from Zebra Green as well. They have some game in sauces!

The matching beer for this one is the 4 pines pale ale which goes down really well and really quickly. 

The next dish is the tajima flank, wagyu ms4+ (which is normally 300g and is $30 on the main menu). It's another round of delicious pink meat although there seems to be some inconsistency in between how the meat is cooked between the people at my table. Some are pink and some aren't at my table of 4. There's also inconsistency between the plates with some people getting broccolini and others getting green beans.  The flank is delicious regardless and is enjoyable to eat.

The next beer is lovely and is an Indian Summer Pale Ale. This seems to be very popular with our table. 

The final course is not on the usual pub menu but it's a chocolate brownie with ice cream. It's delicious! There's a bit of a mix up and one of the brownies doesn't make it to my table. As this is the first time they have run this event - obviously it can take time to get things perfect. 

There's still some logistical improvements that need to take place with this event to make it very successful. As they were clearing the plates, they would take the cutlery and the replenishment of cutlery was patchy so you had instances where people were continuing to ask for more cutlery. However I think $45 for 5 courses of food and beer is incredibly for value so I'm not complaining! I would definitely recommend this for a nice Sunday afternoon event.

The regulars are lovely so make sure you have a chat and a drink with them. Enjoy my lovelies! Enjoy the 4 Pines beer.

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Weekend Food Escapes dined as a guest of Eat Drink Balmain Rozelle. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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