Thursday, 7 April 2016

Soul Burger, Randwick

Vegans rejoice! Soul Burger has the best range of Vegan burgers I've ever seen. Also for the month of April - you can order the amazing monster burger "The plant based disgrace". This baby will set you back $35 if you can handle it!

The plant based "disgrace" was an April Fool's joke that went viral and the demand for this burger is insane so Soul Burger went ahead and offered the burger! I've been told that people have flown inter-state for this burger. How CRAZY!
So what's in this burger? Plant based sausage, fish, schnitty, pineapple, falafel, plant beef pattie, cheese, mushroom, peppers and the trimmings. It's served on a coconut thickshake and has two syringes of ketchup and aioli. It's $35 and I suggest 2 people share this. If you're a girl, maybe you can share with 2 other girls.

It's actually a really delicious burger. I'm a meat eater and so surprised at how tasty this vegan plant based meat taste. I loved the sausage and falafel specifically! Crazy! It's worth checking out.

You should check out Ompty as they do discounts on Soul Burger and a few other eateries in the Eastern suburbs.

The normal menu is much more appropriately portioned! Some of the other burgers include the mushroom burger (above, $11.50). The mushroom is thick and juicy and comes with the trimmings of peppers, tomato, lettuce with a mayo herb pesto sauce.

There's the fish burger (above, $12.50). There is a fish flavour there but the texture is more tofu like. It's served with aioli and the tomato and lettuce trimmings. The below classic cheese burger (below, $13). I think the meat-beef lovers will be hard critics on this one. It's not quite like your typical cheese burger because it doesn't have that fatty, crumbly meat texture but the flavours are there. For vegans/vegetarians - I think you'll love it. Also the menu boasts of the burgers having less calories and fat so you should feel less guilty.

The chips are to die for. Below are the "green chips" with a herb seasoning and is served with aioli (small $4, large $6). There's also a choice of sweet potato chips but my favourite are the red fries which are topped with a tangy red seasoning. I can't resist!   

I notice a bit of a queue developing and I ask the owner whether this is common on a Monday night. He tells me it's a bit busier but it's not uncommon to have a few people lined up. I could see them eyeing off my Monster "disgrace" burger. I suggest be old and get there early.
I bump into internet fatties sensation Eric who seems to eat Burgers like they are grapes. As you can see the disgrace is a man size arm burger. Eric seems to demolish this in a few minutes and continues to eat. WOW. What a machine.

Overall, I had a pleasantly surprising experience at Soul Burger. I think this place is just the bees knees for vegans or vegetarians. For meat eaters, I suggest you stop by and try out some of the food. You might surprise yourself! Order a chocolate coconut milkshake at the very least!

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Weekendfoodescapes dined as a guest of Ompty. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

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