Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Maruko Gyoza Dumplings, Cooking time

Can I confess that I'm not very good at cooking. I've always wanted restaurant quality gyozas at home but I've burnt them before. This time, I buy some HIGH quality gyoza which is from the brand Maruko and am determined to cook a restaurant quality dish of gyozas. Let's see how I go.

I watched the video from Maruko Gyoza Dumplings (above). I have a horrible track record of burning things but I'm sure if I follow the instructions then I will get this right. It doesn't seem so hard. I'm sure I can do this. 

Maruko Gyozas are from an Australian company (but they have Japanese expertise in the company).

To cook restaurant quality gyoza, you will need
  • A packet of Frozen Maruko Gyozas
  • 100mls of water
  • Half tablespoon of oil (or use a table spoon if you are cooking more than 10 gyozas)
  • Soy sauce and chilli for dipping
  • A working stove and fry pan (haha this is how often I cook)

I start by turning on the stove and putting in the oil. I turn up the heat to high to get it heating up. My impatience immediately kicks in and I put in the frozen dumplings. I wait and can hear a slight sizzle.

I then poured in about 100mls of water into the pan. I then put the lid on the frying pan. I take a peek after a few minutes and the water is sizzling/boiling. The water is slowly steaming the dumplings.

When you take the lid off even if it's for a minute, I notice the dumplings get dry quickly so I put the lid back on. You're meant to cook them for 4 minutes in the water but because I was so impatient, it probably took a little longer as I kept on lifting the lid.

All the water finally evaporates and to my shock and awe - the Maruko gyozas are perfection. The bottom is golden brown, crunchy and the gyozas are moist in the middle. I can't believe it but I've actually cooked the perfect gyoza.

I mix soy sauce with chilli sauce and add a bit more chilli sauce on top for good measure.  I can't wait to taste them.

See how soft the gyoza looks at the top but the bottom is golden and crunchy. The skin is nice and thin. This is absolutely delicious!

So this is the before picture of the Maruko Gyoza... 

And here are the gyozas afterwards. What a WIN!!! I'm so proud of myself and I had such a delicious plate of gyozas. Why don't you give it a go? You won't have to head out to a local restaurant for delicious gyozas.

A list of all the stockists that sell Maruko Gyozas are listed here.

If you want to win 

• A Cuisinart chef iA+ saute pan with lid (28cm) (RRP $179.00)
• 2 Maruko frozen gyoza packets (1 packet = 500g (Approx 23pcs gyoza)) 2 packets of frozen gyozas and a fancy pan, 

Check out their facebook page for competition details

Please note this is a sponsored post. All words, opinions and photos are my own

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