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Zepher Tours - Hunter Valley Part 2

I love my wine but distilled vodka is also a great addition to any wine tour. Next on my Zepher tour is the Hunter Distillery.

Make sure you check out part 1 of my Zepher Tour so far. You need to understand my drunken adventure to date to appreciate the journey!! Please note that Zepher rotates the wineries so your tour may be different to mine.

Hunter Distillery

By now, the group is well tipsy and you can hear lots of giggles. Everyone is a vodka fan and we all are eager to try the different flavoured vodkas.

There's a vodka range from apple, chilli, chocolate to caramel. Quite a few people seem quite curious about the chilli vodka but only a handful are game enough to sample. I decide not to as I've had enough spice for the day!! I'm glad as I see the facial expressions hahaha.

The Vodka samples come in little test tubes so be careful as you are dealing with little delicate tubes. There's great atmosphere at the Hunter Distillery with crowds of people in the warehouse. My fave is the apple vodka although the caramel vodka is also growing on me! I have a bit of a sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. What a great day it's been so far.

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Website:

The group is on a high as we enter our next venue which is the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. Peter the chocolatier (below) has been in the industry for over 18 years and has been a local for most of that period. 

They pride themselves in selling tonnes of chocolate each month. The chocolate is imported from Belgium and then tempered in the Hunter Valley. Amazing creations are then created in the Hunter Valley.

If you peer through the windows you can see all the action occurring. You might even catch Peter in action with all of the delights. I eye off the mint cookie chocolate. It tastes creamy with subtle hints of mint and chunks of cookie. Yummy.

MW is more of a caramel man so he goes for the caramel chocolate. He probably would have eaten the whole tray if his stomach permitted. 

Our group split up and I also try some local fudge as well along with the samples below. 

Above is the wheel that tempers the chocolate. Ooohhh I'm so tempted to drink out of this. It looks so good.  It's a delicious treat and a nice change of pace to the day. I can see that a few people from my group end up buying chocolates and fudge for the road. It's been quite a long day so far but we have one more winery to check out.


The final stop for the Zepher wine tour is the Allandale winery. As we get off the bus, Daniel our driver points out the gorgeous view and photo opportunity.

It's a cold day so I take a photo and run into the winery. Allandale has a massive warehouse with stacks of barrels in the back full of gorgeous wine. 

Our tour group goes through another 8 tastings or so. The quality of wine is lovely and the group is quick to buy a bottle or two before we hit the road home.

I feel a bit tired and rusty as we head home. I've had such a lovely day though. It's been a nice mix of wine, cheese, wine, food, wine, chocolate and more wine!!!

I definitely recommend a Zepher tour if you are looking for a casual day out with friends. It's nice to check out the smaller wineries as well to support the locals.

Check out their website for more info and options 

Here were the options for the Hunter Valley
  • Option 1: Hunter Valley Wine Tour with basic lunch (one course) with a glass of wine $125
  • Option 2: Hunter Valley Wine Tour with a 2 course lunch with two glasses of wine $155
  • Option 3: (Which I was on) Hunter Valley Wine Tour with 3 course lunch with matching wines $165

Please note that Weekend Food Escapes was invited as a guest of Zepher Tours. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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