Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, Melbourne CBD

Recommended by one of the locals, I visited Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters for brunch. To our shock and pleasure, they served complimentary sparkling water - something absolutely unheard of in Sydney. Haha. 

They have really creative and tasty breakfasts. Here's the download on what you should order.

It's a rainy day in Melbourne so as I sit down in Hash, I am already in relaxation mode because I'm out of the rain. The decore is dim and homely with lots of wooden tables, benches and walls.

Melle, Linda and I sit down for our final brunch before heading home to Sydney. The staff ask us, would you like some sparkling water. We are so used to the up-sell in Sydney that we said no no, tap water is fine. When he said it was complimentary, I was surprised. It makes for a good first impression.

The girls and I start by ordering some drinks. I go for my usual chai latte. The chai latte ($6) comes out looking like a chemistry set. The teapot of chai tea and milk is brewed with chai tea leaves accompanied by a timer and honey beaker.

Mel needs her caffeine hit. She orders the latte and melts into that coffee bliss. 

Hash is actually famous for their hot chocolate. It's served up with a big dash of FAIRY FLOSS. I watch in envy seeing a child at the next table devour the fairy floss. Nice sugar hit.

We order our meals and I go for the unique sounding Cured Kingfish.  The cured kingfish is pink because it's cured with beetroot. It's accompanied with potato rosti, herb aioli, house pickles and poached egg ($19, top photo and above photo). The King Fish tastes fresh and is such an uncommon breakfast dish.  I love king fish so this is a nice treat for me. I definitely recommend this dish.

The baked eggs ($21.50, below) is mildly spicey with the "Melbourne hot sauce", smoked jalapenos, chorizo, pickled jalapenos, chevre and sourdough on the side. Baked eggs are a very homely dish for breakfast and I think that's exactly what Melle was looking for.

Poor Linda was developing a sore throat so she orders the soup of the day. She asks if the soup can be served up in a bowl and if she can have a piece of toast on the side. She is wanting as much broth as possible for her throat and she doesn't want the bread to soak up all the broth. 

However unfortunately, the cafe couldn't accommodate this so it's served up in a cob. To Linda's surprise, the bread doesn't soak up too much of the soup and it's really nice. 
Soup of the day ($15.50, below).

Overall, all the dishes we tried at Hash were top notch and I'd def recommend coming here for a visit. 

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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