Sunday, 2 October 2016

The best fast foodie Birthday freebies

I recently met someone who said their birthday was coming up and they were looking forward to it as they were going to start claiming all the freebies.  I knew about some of them but I'd to share some of the others I've just learnt about with you

  • Krispy Kreme - A free 6 pack of original glazed donuts on your birthday (woo)
  • Boost Juice  - My birthday is in January so I love getting my Boost Freebie. I love a good green tea mango to conquer the hot weather. You can claim your boost two days before or after your birthday
  • Subway - You can also claim a 6 inch sub and drink if you are a Subway member. They also randomly send you deals 
  • Gloria Jeans  - I've yet to redeem this however a trusted source tells me you will have a week within your birthday to redeem a drink
  • Oporto - A free $5 voucher when you register AND a free birthday meal. Within 30 days of your birthday.
  • Red Rooster - Seems to be identical to the Oporto program

So make the most of your birthday as the presents can continue if you know where to look. Do you have any others to add to the list?

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