Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Planet Italy, Newtown

In my first collaboration with Ciao Magazine and fellow food bloggers, we head to Planet Italy. Planet Italy is a newbie restaurant on the main strip of Newtown owned by Michael Michael (yes, he has the same first name and surname).

About 5 weeks into service in Planet Italy, this is Michael Michael's first Newtown restaurant after a long history of working and running several Surburban eateries. With a European background, he brings the Surburban Italian theme into Planet Italy. I look at my fellow food bloggers and instantly feel like I've been transported back into the 90's. I touch the plastic garlic and plastic fruit as I soak in the atmosphere.They are currently applying for their alcohol license so we all share some BYO bottles of wine.

Tonight we are sampling a number of dishes however I want to let you know on the Mother's Day special on Sunday May 14th for $29 you can order a 3 course meal. The mothers day special will include 
  • Antipasto plate with garlic bread
  • Your choice of main
  • Dessert

 Each food blogger gets their own plate of antipasto of misc mushrooms, olives, capsicum,meats, omelette and garlic bread. I like the olives and garlic bread. I think this starter could be improved by simplifying the number of ingredients on this dish.

Then we share a bunch of mains including the chicken schnitty topped with prawns. It took me back to a 90's bistro memory that I had. I don't mind a schnitty but prefer less sauce so the schnitty retains it's crunchy coating. Perhaps the key is to again simplify with a crunchy schnitty, topped it with cheese and put any sauces to the side.

The vegetarians will enjoy the potato wedge salad with crunchy vegetables.  I don't mind a protein free meal sometimes. This dish is simple but I like it. I know MW would hate this dish as he loves meat.

There's also the pork belly with crackle. The Pork Belly is drizzled in a red wine and fig sauce. This seems to be the crowd favourite among the food bloggers. The pork belly is well cooked in the slightly sweet sauce and who can resist a crunchy crackle?

We also sample the Barramundi which is drowned in Salmon sauce. The sauce is overwhelming for me and it's hard to enjoy the barramundi.

If by chance you get to meet the owner Michael Michael, please commend him on his many preserved references that have been carefully looked after. I am very impressed that he has so many documents in prime condition from the 80's. 

He also tells me to watch this space as they are also installing a new drinks bar and will be progressively implementing a stable menu with desserts. Hopefully their liquor license also comes through soon.

Summary: With fierce competition in Newtown in price and quality, Planet Italy will have it's work cut out. Time will tell how it competes with the other eateries.

I think the Mother's day special is incredibly high on value if you're looking for a cheaper option to spend with the family. The best dish that I sampled was probably the Wedge Salad or the Pork Belly Main. 

Price: Mains vary from $20-35ish

Location: 229 King St, Newtown

Opening Hours: 

Mon to Thurs 8am to 11pm, 
Fri, Sun 8am to 12am

An edited version was also published in Ciao Magazine.

Weekend Food Escapes dined as guests of Ciao Magazine. All photos, words and opinions are my own.

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  1. last night 3 of us decided to try PLANET ITALY for the first time ! we ordered 3 dishes , ravioli bolognese , nice rich sauce with full flavour , penne amatriciana , pasta tasted like it was a leftover from yesterday , like mash , below average ! and veal saltimbocca , the veal tasted like liver , we sent the dish back and were not charged { rightly so } , we were expecting the head chef or owner to come to the table out of professional courtesy and concern . sorry guys > I'm in the food business , wholesale meat and poultry and prepare and serve many bistros and pubs in the area with similar products , so i have a good pulse on quality ! you need to improve your quality and service , or places like THE ITALIAN BOWL will eat you alive ! not disgruntled , just dissapointed ! JOHN