Friday, 7 November 2014

Dos Senoritas, Gladesville

There's something about really delicious food but in ugly big portions form. This is what you get at Dos Senoritas.

I'm talking about some really ugly food, the kind that deceives you with the visual unattractiveness but then surprisingly punches you with flavour and a variety of textures. You will also become slightly overwhelmed with the size of the food.

Dos Senoritas is located on Victoria Rd over two shops, one being a former real estate agent. It's not about looks though! The decore is kind of tacky but it's quite down to earth and endearing.

You always start with complimentary home made corn chips and salsa (pictured above).

 It's also no mexican meal without a margarita or a pacific beer. Delicious (pictured left).

For my main, I ordered the "Award Winning Tacos" from the streets of Mexico which meant your choice of any three tacos for $25. It also comes with rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream and coriander served with lime.  You also have your choice of tortillas as well!  What choice!

I made my selection of the Flour Tortilla with shredded beef was the traditional pick and was good. The Corn Tortilla with chicken was probably my favourite.  The Crispy Taco Shell  with Dos XX Battered Fish was not bad but probably not my favourite.

For a bigger appetite, you may want to try the The Supercheesygooeychinichanga. What a name for a dish! At $27, this dish taste full on just as much as it's description of Pork Chile Verde, jack and cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour tortilla, deep fried topped with jalapeno cream cheese and jack cheddar cheese. The pork was moist and tender and went well with all the sides. It was a full on dish though.

So for you big portion eaters who love Mexican food, check out Dos Senoritas!

Prices: $25-30 for mains. Get there early or make a booking

Location: 265 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, I normally park on Victoria Rd.

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