Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sinma Laksa House, Kingsford

Sinma Laksa House looks like an old school cafeteria.  Located nearby a giant round about in Kingsford, it's a very casual eat.  It's nice and consistent. It's quite fun to eat in a big group around their big round tables.

I dined with a group of people so we had platters of food so the plates are quite big. If you are allergic to shell fish, you will struggle with most of the dishes at Sinma Laksa House. Luckily for me, I'm not allergic!

A main will cost you about $15. The salt and pepper calamari was delicious, light and with a very slight touch of chili which is perfect for me. The platters of satay chicken skewers served with onion. cucumber and little blocks of rice were good.

My friend and I agreed that the almond prawn dish looked fabulous but didn't quite bring the taste element to the table. It was just a bland prawn dish in the end.  I love prawns though.

The beans were covered in 'shrimp' paste which were not bad either. Give Sinma Laksa House a go if you're in the area and after a casual eat.

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