Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gelato Messina, Surry Hills

All the hype of the Mushroom cake at Gelato Messina means heightened expectations of this elusive and infamous cake. Gelato Messina is very popular for their gelato but you will often see that the foodies will also blog about their cakes.

So what is this mushroom cake all about? Well first of all its formal name is Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom Cake. The image below from the Gelato Messina website explains the deliciousness very well. The glossy red glaze with white chocolate button cleverly disguises what lies beneath.

The chocolate cake, chocolate gelato and magical green bits all worked very well. My favourite part was definitely the clash of green bits and ice cream. The green bits were crunchy, delicious and exploded (well popped). This Dr Evil Mushroom cake is definitely an experience. It also makes me think of Mario kart.

So if you have a birthday coming up and you want something different and delicious - I would definitely recommend the Gelato Messina Dr Evil Mushroom cake. Yum!

Prices: $85 for the mushroom cake

Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon


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