Monday, 11 May 2015

Derauma, Sydney CBD

Derauma is located right next to Oiden. Derauma comes from the owners of Menya Mappen and Oiden but with a difference.  You still get tasty food that is for value (Cheap and Cheerful) but there are some key items that you cannot get at Menya Mappen or Oiden. The signature dish is the Tamago Toji Bowl; more specifically their best seller is the “Toji Chicken Katsu”. (below)

The Toji Chicken Katsu ($7.50 for regular, $8.90 for large) is cooked fresh to order and the chicken is so succulent. The rice and katsu crumbed chicken is cooked in egg and onion. The rice is moist and warm so the dish taste so homely. This is the must order dish!  This is my favourite dish, Yummmmmmmy and perfect for a cold winter's day!

If you are a Washoku lover member, you can get a real for value deal. Toji Chicken Katsu, mini salad, miso soup and a soft drink for $9.90. This is really competitive value so make sure you have your Washoku card with you.

For another point of difference, you can also order from their grilled beef bowl range. Freshly grilled beef is absolutely delicious.  The most popular and ordered is the Ontama Grilled Beef (below). ($9.90 for regular, $10.90 for large). I tried the Ontama Grilled Beef which has a half boiled egg on top of a bed of coleslaw, sesame seed and pickled radish on rice. The beef has a nice marinated taste.

They also have a salad range for the non-carb crowd where you can choose your salad, the best seller is the Teriyaki Salmon Salad. You choose your fillings and dressing.. and you can even choose your amount of dressing.

The salmon is grilled (below) and the recommended fillings are tomato, cucumber and egg with Japanese dressing at $9.90.

You probably have been to Menya Mappen and Oiden a million times so skip the queues and check out Derauma. Derauma provides all the fresh cooking with some new types of dishes to try. You must try the  Toji Chicken Katsu!

Prices: Most dishes are $10ish. 

Location: Inside the arcade of 551 George St, beside Oiden. 

Note: I dined as a guest compliments of Dera-uma. All words, photos and opinions are my own

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